January 11, 2014

Bob's post was brought to you today by the color orange.

I started building my library of colors. Today, I was playing with the color orange. I find it both relaxing and satisfying making my own colors for future projects. I just put on Spotify or a podcast and start making a mess.


DSM said...

My publisher told me that Eric Carle's ("The Very Hungry Catepillar") collages were assembled from his rainbow of painted tissues. Drawers of seperated colors to pull from.

I use up my nearly empty tubes of acrylic by squeegee-ing them onto tissues using old credit cards.

Bob Logan said...

I had an NPR behind-the-scenes video on Eric Carle's process (and a look at his amazing studio). They pulled it. I kept it in my "inspiration" folder. Maybe it's on You Tube.

Using old credit cards is a great idea! Kinda therapeutic too, I imagine.



Bob Logan said...

I found this clip...


Not sure if it shows the drawers full of his hand-painted papers though.

Michael Herrera said...