February 24, 2012


"Drunk on Pecha Berry Juice"
acrylic, 14 x 11"

I enjoy playing Pokemon White (Nintendo DS) with my son. This painting is for him. In the game, I'm proud to say I have a Lv. 77 Pikachu and all of my gym badges. For this painting, I wanted to capture a group of Pikachus in the wild. I'm guessing this would be the one rare moment you could catch them lying still. 

The Beast...

"The Beast"
Prismacolor Pencil on tracing vellum, 12 x 18"

When I found this sketch in the attic, I was surprised to see it still in fairly good shape. Vellum seems so fragile to me. I did this drawing a while ago in preparation of a storyboard for a Disney direct-to-video special.  

Gift for Mike & Tasha...