December 13, 2012

Christmas is Horrifying @ QPop!


This painting will be for sale at QPop this Friday, December 14th!
Need a conversation piece for the home, office, or the baby's room*?
This...  is... IT!
This beast measures in at nearly 30 x 26" inches (framed).
It is a combination of Winsor & Newton Ink & acrylic.
(*And please don't put it in the baby's room!)


Rikke Asbjoern said...

I want this!!

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Oh man, I love this!! Are you gonna be at the show tonight, Bob?

Bob Logan said...

Yaaay, Black Christmas!

Megan- I wish I could take part in the dark, holiday madness, but I have prior commitments.

I hear there is homemade eggnog too!

Jenny Lerew said...

Gorgeous Bob!