August 11, 2011

Huntington Library Studies...

Sketches from the North Vista lawn at The Huntington Library
ink and pastel, 12 x 18"

Excerpt from The Huntington Library Website:

The 17th century limestone statues on each side of the North Vista depict characters from classical mythology and folklore. Each statue was originally matched to a stately palm. The baroque fountain at the end of the North Vista was shipped in 48 boxes with a total weight of 42 tons. The boxes filled an entire railway car when shipped from New York.


DSM said...

Like a little sprinkle of Dufy.. I love fountains. Neet-o post.

Jamie Baker said...

wow. Nice stuff, Bob.

Will Finn said...

Really nice Bob. Ken Anderson would be impressed... :D

Bob Logan said...

Thanks Jamie and Will! These sketches are over ten years old. Strange to think about it.

DSM - I wish I had a door prize offer. By coincidence, I checked out a few books at the library yesterday. One of the books was about...(drum roll)


I'm new to his work. When I was browsing various art books, his popped out at me.

I guess I had Dufy on the brain when I posted these drawings. I've been trying to loosen up my drawing-style a bit. I'll definitely be referring to Dufy's work more often.

Thank you for the comments!

Paul Shardlow said...

Nice sketches. Immediate and uncontrived.