August 9, 2011

Europa & The Bull...

Winsor & Newton ink & gouache, 8 x 10"

"The White Bull"
Winsor & Newton Ink and gouache, 8 x 10"

I have officially started painting for fun. I have a list of subjects and ideas I want to tackle. First, I need to test some materials. I've been working mainly with brush and ink on paper. I've recently taken a liking to gouache over watercolor for tone. Both will come in handy, but gouache is great for bold, flat color. In working with brushes, I do want to free up a bit. I want to work large! My friend, Aurian Redson suggested working on canvas and so I did these tests on small canvases to see if the ink and and gouache would even adhere to the surface. I think it works due to the canvas being primed with gesso. (Bear in mind, this is all new to me). If I go big-big, I may need to switch to acrylic for color.

Europa's eyes are a little big and buggy, but I still wanted to post it. I'm hoping by working larger, my linework will loosen up a bit. Ultimately, I'm working toward illustrating a tribute to Paul Manship's The Flight of Europa.


Elaine Bogan said...

Love, love LOVE these paintings,Bob :)
Very inspiring.

Bob Logan said...

Thank you, Ms. Bogan!
To the studio, indeed!