August 12, 2011

Centaur Rock Party!

Rough sketch for Centaur Rock Party

I've been giving my paintings to friends and family whether they want them or not.  My kid was feeling left out so I did something unusual...  I took a request.

He wanted a centaur rock party.

Hopefully, this will be awesome because it's going to be huge!


DSM said...

Oh, yeah...this is going to be neet-o!

Hobo Divine said...

Too awesome!!!
"C'mon feel the noise!"

Jenny Lerew said...

This is great!

Emily said...

awesome bob!

Bob Logan said...

I'm drowning in this painting right now! But I'm past the point-of-no-return.

Your kind words, DSM, Hobo D, Jenny, and Emily, are encouraging!

Thank you!