January 23, 2011

This Is Called: I-Was-Supposed-to-Mow-The-Lawn-But-Drew-Pictures-Instead Post...

This weekend, I enjoyed experimenting with drawing.  I have a love/hate relationship with watercolors.  I love the way they look, but hate how I can't control them.  I think I'm afraid of them, actually.  It's early yet, but this little guy was one of my more successful doodles.  I've been searching for interesting ways to color my pen sketches.

Uniball Pen, watercolor, &  Prismacolor Pencil
on cold-pressed watercolor paper.

This next chap is an experiment in opacity.  I love drawing with chisel-tipped Sharpies, the really big markers. Sharpie takes to textured paper very well, allows you to draw big, and does not bleed when you layer in the watercolors.  I wanted to play with varying opacities by bringing gouache into the mix.  I added a little colored pencil to try different textures.  Again, this is just me learning by trial and error.  I thought it would be fun to blog my results, to see where this eventually goes.

Sharpie, watercolor, gouache,
& Prismacolor Pencil on cold-press


Juan Bauty said...

Nice watercolor experiments!

Bob Logan said...

Thank you, Juan!

I need to learn to be patient with watercolors by letting them fully dry between passes.