January 30, 2011

Captain Sourpuss & Vince...

It rained today, so I can't mow my lawn.  Darn.  It's a good day for drinking coffee and blogging.  These are my latest experiments in watercolor and ink...

I mentioned to my story supervisor at work, Bob Persichetti, that I was looking for a really black ink to draw with, one that "sits" on top of the paper.  He lent me his bottle of Winsor & Newton ink to try.

"Capt. Sourpuss"
Winsor & Newton Indian Ink & watercolor on Arches cold-pressed
watercolor block, 9 x 12"

In doing these studies, I had no specific subjects in mind.  I just wanted to get a couple of sketchpads going at the same time.  Aside from the burly bearded gentleman we shall call "Captain Sourpuss", I did a spontaneous portrait of Vince Guaraldi after glancing at an album cover of his.

For the Winsor & Newton, I used a sable brush.  It definitely feels different from a pen.  I think my next experiment will be to find a way of combining the two.  I love the boldness of the brush ink, but I also favor being able to carve out a drawing with a big Sharpie.  A fun discovery with our friend Captain Sourpuss, was laying down the blue shadows first, then going over him with a ghoulish green.  I think the effect feels natural, yet there is a graphic poster quality to working this way.  It definitely warrants further exploration.

Winsor & Newton Indian Ink & watercolor 
on Arches hot-pressed watercolor block, 7 x 10"

"Vince" was done on smooth, hot-pressed paper.  I didn't care for this as much.  I like seeing the tooth of the paper.  Watering down the ink was fun though.I think I'll try adding granules of salt next time.

Well, the Winsor & Newton definitely "sits" on top of the paper.  I saw it in an art store two weeks ago and thought the bottle looked fun, but I passed on it.  Luckily, Bob hooked me up with his supply.  I will be buying more.


Jamie Baker said...

I love these, Bob. I also love that I found your NEW blog. I still had the OLD one bookmarked until just now.

Bob Logan said...

Hey, Jamie!

I got you on my link list!
I hope all is well with you!