June 20, 2010

Sea Of Bath: Concept Sketches:

The Sea of Bath concept sketches
Sharpie, approx. 14 x 17"

These are some early idea sketches for my book, The Sea Of Bath (releasing in fall 2010).

Copyright 2010 by Bob Logan.

My Weapon Of Choice!

For sketching...

It's Father's Day...

... And I had just one request, to see the ocean.
I didn't feel the need to swim in it, not yet!  I just wanted to see it. 

June 19, 2010

Rocket Fizz!

We visited Rocket Fizz today.  Camarillo, California boasts the original one.  There are some crazy sodas there!  Banana!?  Really?

June 5, 2010


various logo concepts and designs for "KAMIKAZE!"
digital, Illustrator 10
bottom: early graphite sketch

I got to try my hand at designing a logo for GenusApps.com.  It was a lot of fun and founders Helen Cho Anthos and Melissa Pope are really great.  In the end, I think they called it KAMIKAZE!.  At one time, they were distributing the iphone version of my self-published venture, Rocket Town, (which is now being retooled).  Since their inception, Genus Apps (the parent to KAMIKAZE!) has acquired numerous properties.  I'm sure they are distributing digital comics for the new iPad.  

KAMIKAZE! is a TM of GenusApps.

Summer Is Near!

...And I took a picture of our garden.
Yep, I posted a picture of some corn.
I'm proud of our corn.

June 3, 2010

My Elephant...

digital, Illustrator 10

I've been busy lately, but one thing that is on my to-do list is to design more diorama-style prints.  I loved making shoebox dioramas as a kid.  This piece is a sort of test.  

June 1, 2010

Beautiful Soda Pop...

My friend Felix Ip had a wonderful post on his blog featuring Ultraman-themed soda cans. Click here to see the different cans.  The colors are insanely good.  They make a can of Coke and Pepsi appear bor-RING!  The DyDo Drink Website is worth checking out, especially if your a Kamen Rider fan! 

Copyright DyDo DRINCO.