May 30, 2010

The Sea Of Bath...

I think it's okay to post this.  It's on Barnes & Noble dot com.  It's the cover of my book coming this fall 2010!

Copyright Sourcebooks Jabberwocky 2010.


"F117" design & color studies
digital, Illustrator 10

This was a take I had on a stealth fighter for a project at Sony Animation. Unfortunately, the project never came to be.  It was Stealth 2.

It wasn't Stealth 2.

Images are property of Sony Pictures Animation.

May 29, 2010

The Science Patrol...

"The Science Patrol"
digital, Illustrator CS3

For fun...
Copyright 1966 Tsuburaya Productions.


studies from "Ultraman (1966)"
digital, Illustrator CS3

These are studies based on one of my all-time favorite television shows, Ultraman (1966).

Copyright 1966 Tsuburaya Productions.

A Man Called... Charlie.

"Charlie's birthday card"
digital, Illustrator CS3

I met a lot of nice folks at Imagi.  This is production supervisor,  Charlie Sweitzer.  Feared. Admired.  Loved by his story crew.


digital, Illustrator CS3

Orrin, the principal cast, and a wide assortment of robots were designed for the Astro Boy movie by the talented, Luis Grane.

This is an early study I did of Dr. Tenma's robot servant.  The first sequence (in story) that I was launched on involved Orrin and Astro.  I made this sheet to serve as a working model for story at the time.

Property of Imagi Studios.

Our Friends...

Concepts for the 2D segment, "Our Friends the Robots" 
digital, Illustrator CS3

Story had just wrapped on Astro Boy.  I had just started working on a 2D segment of the film, then the studio closed down due to cash flow problems.

These were the setups I was working on at the time.  The robot with the chicken dinner was based on a design by Shelly Wan.

Property of Imagi Studios.

Astro Boy...

storyboard from the sequence, "Escape From Metro City"
digital, Sketchbook Pro on a Toshiba laptop

I was excited to see Astro Boy art showing up on various blogs.  You can see some it here, here, and here.

"Astro Boy" is property of Osamu Tesuka.  Image is property of Imagi Studios.

HELLO My Name Is... Bob

"Five Birds, One Berry"
digital, Illustrator 10

Welcome to my blog!  I hope to share with you all of the fun projects I've had the special privilege of working on.  Thanks for stopping by!