December 4, 2010

Old Disney Chalkboard…

When I went to visit Mrs. Nelson’s Toy & Book Shop a while back, I walked around the historic area of San Dimas.  It was really charming.  I wandered into an antique store and found this old chalkboard lined with Walt Disney’s characters.  It was an impulse buy.  It didn’t cost much and it had someone’s name written in the corner in ink that I was able to remove.  I figured it might come in handy should I ever want to draw up plans for building a space station or something.

I found a similar one on eBay.  They were dating theirs back to the 40’s or 50’s, but Professor Ludwig von Drake (one of my favorite characters) didn’t arrive until the early 60’s.  It feels like it’s from the 60’s, maybe the early 70’s.

I like the color green they used in the chalkboard area.  The characters are screened on there really well.  The slightly off-model Mickey is pretty cool too!


Will Finn said...

Long live Ludwig--cool blackboard.

Great to see your new blog--lost track of the old one but i updated the link...

Cheers man!

Bob Logan said...

Thanks, Will!


Anonymous said...

i have recently found an identical chalkboard, may i ask how much you paid? do you have anymore info on it?

Bob Logan said...

Dear Anonymous,

I think I paid under 30 dollars. It is worn and has some marker on it. I got most of the marker off from an initial cleaning. It's not, by any means, in perfect condition. I thought it was charming and could be restored if I desired. I kinda like its weathered appearance. I don't have much information aside from what I mention in my post.

Happy hunting!